Day 18 – Kew to Vauxhall (North)

Today’s walk from Kew to Vauxhall along the north bank was a longish 12 1/4 miles. It starts by crossong the bridge oposite the One Over The Ait restaurant, waking down toward the river by the north east side of Kew Bridge, past some small restaurants and following the sign toward Strand on the Green. There is a small park along the riverbank, passing the Steam Pack pub, before the road gets narrower and becomes more of a pedestrianised footpath.

Strand on the Green is a conservation area with many listed buildings and blue plaques. As you get to the 14th century City Barge pub, the grade II Kew Railway Bridge appears and shorly after The Bull’s Head pub. Beyond is the Hopkins Morris Homes. From the ‘Panorama of the Thames‘:

“A row of small almshouses erected in the 18th century by public subscription, rebuilt in the 1950s and renovated in the 1970s. These were originally thatched alms houses first built in the mid-C17th and rebuilt in the early C18th … They were again extended and repaired in 1934 with funds from the estate of Middlesex County Councillor B. Hopkin Morris. They were bought by Hounslow Council in 1973, when at risk of demolition, and restored…”

Panarama of the Thames

These were almshouses bult in 1658 and demolished in 1721, fir the poor of Chiswick. They were bought by Hounslow Council in 1973, when at risk of demolition, and restored. A plaque gives a brief history:

Homes of Rest 1933, Trustees of Chiswick Parochial Charities – repaired 1816 – two cottages were first built there in 1724 for the poor of Chiswick for ever

Further on, at number 11, a blue plaque to Donald Pleasance

The parthway comes to an end at the red marble Ellen Reardon Memorial Drinking Fountain, erected in 1904, and renovated in 2009. The inscription reads: “Miss Ellen Reardon’s bequest in memory of her father, mother and sister Daniel, Elizabeth and Margaret Reardon 1880